Pet Loans

Expert view by Maggie Millar

Probably, almost every one of us at least once in his life thought about buying a pet, whether it be a cat, dog, rabbit, turtle or fish. However, the purchase and care of pets, in particular dogs, is quite an expensive procedure, which may require additional funding. And although non-bank companies don't give out loans called pet loans, they give out personal loans from $1,000 to $35,000 which you can spend on your pet.

Best Ways to Overcome the Growing Mortgage Rates

Expert view by Maggie Millar

The past few months have seen a sharp increase in mortgage rates, which has resulted in a sudden increase in monthly payments for new house loans. While some buyers may be leaving the market in the hope that rates will decrease once again or that home prices will stabilize, those who are still looking for a home are figuring out how to deal with a mortgage rate above 5%.

Personal Loans to Cover the Increasing Cost of Summer Vacation in 2022

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Not paying attention to growing costs and complicated political and economical situation, Americans tend to spend more on travelling and vacation.

According to the data from Allianz Partners USA’s 14th annual Vacation Confidence Index, US residents have spent 26% more money on holidays in 2022 in comparison with the previous year. It is approximately $2,644 on average which is 30% increase since pre-pandemic 2019 year. Check the table below to see how much the average cost of vacation has been changing since 2020:

The Difference Between Nominal and Real Interest Rates

Expert view by Maggie Millar

In 2022 we can observe a tremendous growth of inflation up to 8,4% which naturally affects interest rate, especially the real one. If you are an investor, or a lender, or other banking institution, you should know the difference between the nominal and real interest rates and calculate your profit accordingly.

Let’s discover what interest banks set up, how real rate differs and how inflation influences this factor.

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How much cash you need to avoid loans even at emergency

Expert view by Maggie Millar

Key Points:

  • A third of Americans do not feel financially secure and have a lot of caution about the future in 2022
  • 36% of US residents have not enough money to cover even a small 400-dollar emergency expenses
  • If you don’t have even this small amount in savings, you tend to apply for a $400 dollar payday loan to get emergency cash for urgent expenses.

Installment Loan Changes in New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia in 2022

Expert view by Maggie Millar

Installment lending is still very popular in many parts of America. 12 million people still use them yearly. Every state has its right to regulate the industry within their borders. Therefore 50 different principles exist and each of it varies from complete prohibition to no limitations at all. This article is an explanation of the Georgia, New Jersey and Virginia installment loan laws.


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